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    Ana Silvan envies the women of Unity she sees in magazines--envies their pale faces and graceful bodies.  And every day, when she watches the men at the new prison, she is unable to deny how different she is, with her dark, muscular, Earther features.  The prisoners would think she was simple-minded, as well, if they knew she was the one who made the ugly clothes for them.  But she couldn't think of any other way to keep the guards from claiming them for their own use.  Getting the clothes to the prisoners was more important than trying to impress a man who would never notice her, and who didn't even speak her language.

Bridges Burning

Book One in the Parallax Series

by Marina Landry

     The United People's Guard built the prison on the burnt-out planet Earth in secret, to hide the growing number of Freestanders on the spacecolony Unity.  Hart James, a leader among the rebel prisoners, has begun receiving packages of garish blankets and crudely made, mismatched socks and mittens.  His fellow Freestanders are glad to have them in the cold, raw Earth nights. 

     But there is an item in each package that Hart selfishly keeps for himself.  Hidden in each box is the one thing that is keeping his hopelessness at bay--a letter in broken Unity Standard, with his name on it.

futuristic romance science fiction space prison rebellion
Cover art by Gwen Phifer

ARC Reviews

"Ms. Landry has once again created main characters whom I care about. My favorite character is the shy Earther Ana. Like most women, she questions her own beauty and abilities, but is determined to do what needs to be done, making her relatable. The Freestander Hart is my idea of the perfect leader: strong and courageous yet compassionate and humble."

"You truly sold me on Ana and Hart. I was amazed how well you built a relationship between them without them being able to speak."

“Budding romantic relationships were forged despite seemingly insurmountable personal challenges and barriers. I eagerly await the next story in this series and wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who loves Science Fiction Romance.”

"Her mastery of the English language allows her to create a nomenclature that is instantly understood and accepted. I’m looking forward to the next book about the continued struggles to establish peace between these two societies."


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Bridges Burning

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