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Silent Crossings

Book Three in the Parallax Series

by Marina Landry


        Everyone knows that Rebeka Patin throws the best parties.  Officers of the United People's Guard  gladly use her extravagant gatherings to meet the wealthy men and women who make up the powerful elite on the spacecolony Unity.  But socialite Beka Patin is more than just a pretty face.
Cover art by Gwen Phifer
     Beka has become a damn good liar.   She has convinced the ruling tiers of Unity - in the government, the corporate empires, and the military - she has turned her back on her late husband's friends, the Freestanders struggling to break the grasp of the United People's Guard.  More importantly, she has kept secret her four-year-old son's existence.  Special children such as Jonathan, deaf since birth, were sent to special UPG schools, and they never returned.
     But when one of her night missions as the cyberspy Blueray is interrupted by UPG Guardians on the hunt for a traitor, her life becomes a nightmare even she may not be able to charm her way out of.
     Jon Castil has invented weapons for the UPG for seven years.  For six of those years, he has been trying to find a way out.  Finally breaking free of his ruthless employers, he is taking with him the only copy of the designs for his latest heinous weapon.  The last thing he needs is to have his desperate escape complicated by a passenger, no matter how innocent she is.  Nor how lovely.

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