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Turning Points

Book Two in the Parallax Series

by Marina Landry


     Subcaptain Tomas Quaid is playing a dangerous game---supplying food and medicine to the Freestander prisoners behind the backs of his UPG superiors.  His life has become little more than a maze of shadows and deception.  When the commander's daughter discovers his secret and blackmails him into being her escort, he quickly learns two things:  he cannot believe anything the little liar says, and he will need to trust her with his life.


     Lidia Hamake's decision to accompany her father to his new post as commander of the prison on the sparsely populated planet Earth seemed like a good one at the time.  But when Lidia accidentally witnesses the junior officer secretly giving food to the prisoners, her skills as a compulsive liar are put to the test.

     Though Lidia's storytelling has always protected her in a cloud of fantasy, she soon has to face the disappointing -- and dangerous -- reality of her life.  Will Lidia find the strength to leave the lies of the past behind and follow the truth she hides in her heart?


Cover art by Gwen Phifer
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